The Best Equipment For Results

What exercise equipment = the best results??

And that´s quite a tricky question to answer really because it all depends on if you´re working in a gym or training at home because the equipment is going to be different to the equipment you´re using at home.

Anyway, what I thought I´d do is show you some of the real simple cheap stuff, which you could probably use at home. If you go into a gym, then you want to be using things like the big Olympic bar bells. For most goals, whether it be Performance, or weight loss, or physique, we would always really go first to a strength-training program, and for that you´re going to need to be doing resistance exercises.

First of all, don’t think you need loads of expensive equipment to be doing resistance exercises. Body weight exercises are resistance exercises too. So for example do press-ups, squats and pull ups as they are all amazing resistance exercise where you will be using your body weight to create that resistance. If you want to start adding some equipment into it, our guys here in the gym would use different equipment such as kettle bells as there´s hundreds of different exercises you can do with it.

We´re actually doing a workshop on that very very soon. So if you keep your eyes open, if there´s spaces on it we´re going to invite out to all you guys.

Resistance bands again are great, we use these with creating resistance. You could be doing things like lat pull downs, back exercises, all sorts with your resistance band. If you´re stuck for space you wouldn´t expect to get a whole rack of dumb bells in there but you can get adjustable dumb bells which actually go quite heavy and will just take up a very small amount of room.

Suspension trainers are really simple, cheap and effective pieces of kit that you can have yourself at home which don´t take up a load of space. I would really avoid like the plague any of the following pieces of equipment: Treadmills, vibration plates and X – Trainers… Let´s face it, that´s just for hanging your clothes on.

The conclusion to all this is get yourself some resistance kit, get your technique right, workout safely and follow a decent strength-resistance training program.